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Changzhou postdoctoral workstation发布日期:2011-04-04 浏览次数:

Recently, the assessment results of Changzhou post doctoral research station and Jiangsu post doctoral innovation practice base in 2019 were announced, and Sunnywell successfully passed the assessment of excellent unit in post doctoral assessment, which was the award for our company for three consecutive years.

The purpose of this assessment and evaluation is to strengthen the construction of postdoctoral research station and innovation practice base in Jiangsu Province, standardize the management work and improve the operation quality of postdoctoral work. After self-examination and self-evaluation by the station setting units, inspection and preliminary evaluation by the municipal and district human resources and social security bureaus, and re evaluation by the municipal human resources and social security bureaus, the following assessment results were determined: 23 excellent units, 29 good units, 29 qualified units, 5 rectification units were proposed, and 7 higher level station withdrawing units were proposed.

Since the establishment of the station, Sunnywell has recruited 6 postdoctoral students in total. Postdoctoral students in the station have been selected as 3 doctors of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Jiangsu Province, 3 funded by postdoctoral research in Jiangsu Province, 1 funded by daily postdoctoral research in Jiangsu Province, and undertaken 1 Natural Science Foundation Project in Jiangsu Province. In the future,Sunnywell will further strengthen the standardized construction and management of postdoctoral innovation base, strengthen the introduction and training of postdoctoral talents, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and contribute to the rapid and healthy development of new materials and new energy fields in our province.

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